Instant Pot Cooking Tips

instant pot cooker

Instant pots are designed to make cooking easy. These multi-tasking appliances have a lot to offer as far as preparing tasty foods is concerned. Ideally, an instant pot  from this source integrates various functions to serve as an electric pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, and a yogurt maker. Instant pots have a set of pre-programmed features aimed at ensuring the cooker delivers.

There is everything to love for cooks who want to put food on the fire and come back when everything is done. That said, here are some top instant cooking tips.

Start Slowly

Most people do not have issues with a slow cooker. As such, if you are getting started with an instant pot cooker, it is high time that you embraced the slow options as you familiarize yourself with the various functions. The ability to saute is a standout feature in this cooker. Thus, all you need to do is to hit the saute button, wait for the pot to get warmed up, add food, then press the slow cooker button, and the timer based on the recipe.

Cook Under Pressure

An instant cooking pot gives you an opportunity to cook under pressure. Based on this cooking guide, all you need to do is to add ingredients, choose the pressure cooking, wait for the food to cook until a beeping sound is produced, and finally release the pressure. Cooking food under high pressure means that your food will cook faster. For instance, you can have your rice ready in less than four minutes.ready food

Always Pre-soak

The pressure cooker is mostly used when cooking dry grains, such as beans. For the best results, you should always pre-soak the grains before loading them in the pressure cooker. Pre-soaking is essential for a creamier texture. But if you do not want to or forget to soak the beans, it is advisable to have it pre-cooked, before subjecting them to pressure.

Always Use the Display

Instant pot cookers have a display unit for a reason. It is important to track the progress of your food on the display unit. This feature comes in handy whenever you are in doubt. Ideally, the cooker usually reads “on” when preheating; cook time is shown using some lights and an up-down count on display. When keeping the content warm, the time is displayed with an “L.”

There is a lot that you can learn as far as using an instant pot cooker is concerned. Like with most things in life, with practice comes perfection.