How to Choose the Right at Home Drug Test

How to Choose the Right at Home Drug Test

It’s not strange to search for solutions within your home. For instance, there can be several reasons why you could want to buy a home drug test kit. It can be as a result of your concern about your young one being involved in some activities, or that you want to ensure you’re clear for your office upcoming drug test.

Therefore, whatever your reasons could be, it’s crucial to have the right home drug testing kit. Perhaps, you could be considering other options such as using synthetic urine, detox pills, or even real urine from donors, and other options. However, when you don’t want to sneak with something into the testing facility, why can’t you purchase a home drug test?

But how do you choose the best home drug test?


at home drug testWhen looking for your home drug test, the first thing that you should be looking at is accuracy. It refers to whether the kit will correctly provide you with positive or negative results. It will be very unfortunate that you get a false negative at home but taking your pee the following day during the real test only to lose your job.

You don’t need to get additional expenses or unnecessary anxiety with positive results at home, either. Obviously, you’ll want your home drug test to be as much accurate as possible that you can put your faith in the results you get at home.

Drug Panel

Usually, a home drug test checks for specific substances in your test at home, and then give a negative or positive result for those substances only. It’s a phenomenon known as the “drug panel” of the test.

The home drug tests are of various forms; 4-panel, 5-panel, and even 10-panel tests. It’s almost certain that larger and more comprehensive drug panels provide better results. A wide drug panel offers a variety of substances that you can test in one drug test; hence you don’t have to spend on extra kits.

However, you should remember that two different 5-panel tests can test 5 completely different drugs, meaning you should choose a home drug test that’s rated for drugs that you’ll be taking.

Shelf Life

Also, ensure that you don’t forget to check on the shelf life of the test kit. Since most of them are purchased online, they can take a while to arrive, meaning they may not help you with short notice drug testing.

Therefore, they require that you purchase a test kit that you can buy and stay with for some time in preparedness, and that kit must have a longer shelf life.